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Dawnbringer is the alpha test for my original campaign setting, centered around the land of Nijii 日位 . This campaign is a way for me and my players to collaboratively elaborate on my rough draft of the setting; thanks to my great players I’ve been able to flesh out religions, cultures, clans, and organizations. The events my players participate in will be laid down as historical events in Nijii’s timeline.

Nijii is a land directly shaped by Japan. My players and I desired a setting inspired solely by Japanese mythology and history, and as such Nijii has nearly identical geography and religious foundations. The time period roughly corresponds to just before the Tokugawa era, and history has had some fun diversions along the way. This country is inhabited by a variety of fantastic races like kitsune and catfolk, as well as humans inspired by the Ainu and the Ryuuku.

Dawnbringer is a story about people forced to try and make something of themselves in a confusing world that has despoiled their inheritance. The mistakes of the past may seem damning, but our heroes will lead the nation, and themselves, to a better tomorrow.

Home Page

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